Can You Hear Me Now?

Can you hear me now? As important as it is for the patient to hear us and what we have to say about their health, it is equally important for us to hear them. Not only in their spoken word, but also what their body is trying to tell us. It is sometimes hearing that precise noise that clues us into a disease and gives us that last piece of the puzzle that helps guide us towards a diagnosis.

There are many stethoscopes out there that can do a pretty darn good job of helping you hear what is important… but I believe that the Erka Sensitive goes beyond that. From the second that I put the ear pieces in and auscultated the patient’s heartbeat I was amazed. The clarity of the noise was impeccable and beyond any other stethoscope I have used. With other stethoscopes, I typically have to concentrate hard, and perfectly position my stethoscope to hear the heart. With Erka, even distant heart tones came through perfectly clear. In fact, the stethoscope is so precise that I even caught a new murmur in a patient. As important as it is to have the skills and technique, it also doesn’t hurt to have good equipment that helps you along the way too.

So as a student, professional, or anything in between…this is a great choice of stethoscope! Even better.. if you use the code THEPALIFE1 for 20% off!


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