Hope for the Holidays

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a passion for international medical missions (most recently I was in Belize for a week helping impoverished individuals with little to no healthcare access) and I recently found an amazing organization that I just have to share with you all! In fact, on top of introducing you to them, this holiday season I am embarking on a mission of my own: to raise funds for Ovi and Violet International!

Every year the holiday season brings me joy, gratitude, and reminds me to reflect on the good things this life has given me: family, friends, and health.


With every holiday season, I always think about how important it is to give back to the world. This year, I was blessed to become an ambassador for an amazing organization called Ovi and Violet International. (Please check them out at this link: Ovi & Violet International) This organization is special for many reasons, the biggest one being their passion and mission to deliver health care to orphans with terminal illnesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. This organization is near and dear to my heart because it was founded by 2 incredible PAs who were inspired to make a difference in these children’s lives. The O.V.I. Children’s Hospital offers the 34 million orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa access to free 24/7 medical care and hope. Children who would otherwise face cancer, AIDS, severe malnourishment, and other life-threatening illnesses alone without any access to care are now able to find healing and rest.

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So my mission is to raise funds to help support this amazing cause. No donation is too small! If everyone donated even $1 to the cause it would make such a huge impact on these children’s lives. Your donations will be put towards purchasing medical supplies, supporting the medical facility, and purchasing many other vital supplies that will continue to help this organization provide critical medical care to these kiddos!

You can check them out further and donate here at Hope for the Holidays

If you cannot contribute a monetary gift but would like to still get involved, follow this link to their How You Can Help page.

Thanks so much in advance and blessings to you all!




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